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ONmacabim - Laboratory of professional cosmetics

ONmacabim is more than just external beauty. It stands for self-confidence, success, and a new philosophy of life – the philosophy of harmony based on a millennium of tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. It's no secret that beauty is the basis of spiritual balance and harmony between the world and oneself, and our skin is the mirror of the soul. Taking this into account, ONmacabim works in accordance with the principles of "rational" dermatology, which represents an effective combination of internal and external therapy guided by an individual approach to the client and considerations of comfort and safety. The laboratory allows beauticians to expand their horizons without limits by taking advantage of accumulated best practices and knowledge in the field of cosmetology.

Recent developments, which form the basis for the development of protocols and procedures, are the result of a combination of the unique properties of the medicinal herbs of the Judean desert and original ideas from the experts at Onmacabim's scientific laboratory. These developments have been placed in synergy with the innovative technology of the modern cosmetics industry. A distinctive feature of ONmacabim is its unique multifunctional modular product lines that combine natural biostimulants isolated from plant cells, which activate the function of skin cells.

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